The Podcast

One of my live interview shows became a podcast, Wait Long By The River, on which we talk to creative types about what keeps them ticking over. Where does their inspiration come from? Why do they do what they do? How do they find the time?

The show was already way more successful that I could have hoped. Check out the podcasts on iTunes, this website or your favourite podcatcher

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S a t u r d a y   1 3 M a y

James Fahy at Open Studio with Kev Walsh

Kev just came down from the Sydney folk scene and Open Studio is one my all-time favourite venues, warm and dark and intimate with lots of seating, delicious crepes and a sneaky out-back area full of plants

T h u r s d a y   1 8 M a y

James Fahy at Some Velvet Morning with Evan Buckley, the Burley Griffin

This venue is my spirit animal. I host my podcast there, and I've played more than a dozen shows at SVM since I first arrived in Melbourne. As soon as I booked it I reached out to Evan Buckley, the Burley Griffin, one of my favourite songwriters, and he said he'd drive down from Canberra for the weekend, which obviously is just excellent news

f e b r u a r y   2 0 1 7

Saturday 11th, 4pm: At Smith's Alternative, in Canberra, with Evan Buckley of the Burley Griffin, and Bec Taylor of Fun Machine and Hashemoto. I'm working on my material to get it ship-shape to record an album, so it's a good time to turn up and heckle/give feedback : )

j  a n  u a r  y 2 0 1 7

Tuesday 10th: At Open Studio with Joe Op and Aya Rosa!



Friday 23rd: At Smiths Alternative with Drew Walky (finally another show with Drew, it's always wayyy too long) and Luci Harrison from Lady Grey/Pocket Fox (ditto)



Thursday 7th: The final Authenticity Variety Hour show, with Skyscraper Stan, Adam Cook and Emily Stewart, three guests of the finest calibre ever produced for a stage. This'll be an absolute gem of a show. Facebook event is here:

Saturday 9th: Smiths Alternative, Canberra // 7-9pm, with Joe Op and as James Fahy as well. Oh boy! My last gig in the country.


Wednesday 8th: At the Grace Evelyn, mysterious strange gig // as James Fahy


Friday 27th: Some Velvet Morning // as Hi New Low - we have new songs and this is going to be really interesting

Sunday 29th: Some Velvet Morning // As James Fahy AND with Joe Oppenheimer. Gig of the year so far, make it to this if you make it to any. 6pm.

Saturday 14th: The Yarra Hotel celebrating Chris Windley's Birthday! Yussss // as James Fahy, and as Joe Oppenheimer

Sunday 22nd: The Yarra Hotel supporting Happy Axe // As Joe Op

Thursday 5th: Butterfly Club, Carson Pl. // as the Authenticity Variety Hour live talk show and music and comedy show.


Saturday 23rd: The Yarra Hotel // as Joe Oppenheimer! A big gig, we're really going to nail this one.

Thursday 7th: Wildlife Preservation show // as Joe Oppenheimer (details to follow)

Sunday 10th: 2pm, backyard party // as Hi New Low

Weekend of the 15th: Camping! YES! I love camping.


ART NOT APART: Joe Oppenheimer and I are doing a run of shows at Canberra's premier arts festival (okay, that and You Are Here, but eyes on the prize!) and it's a lot of shows:

8pm Friday 19th: The ANU School of Music C7 Grand Piano, in the lobby of global award-winning hotel Hotel Hotel, featuring James and Joe

2.30 pm Saturday 20th: Joe Oppenheimer and James Fahy: PSYFOLK, main stage

5pm: That grand piano again, James and Joe (man, this one packed out)

Art Not Apart after-after-party, James Fahy, midnight to 2am

March 21st: James Fahy and Joe Oppenheimer at Smiths Alternative, 7-10pm.

1pm March 7th at the Workers Club, Fitzroy (in Hi New Low)


27 February at the Wesley Anne with Pocket Fox


November Thursday 19th at Open Studio with special friends, loving these Open Studio shows because it's the best place

November Saturday 28 at the Polish Club in Canberra, with anyone who's anyone in the Canberra folk scene, like, 20 different acts. For real. Launching the Canberra Musicians Club Songbook Vol. 1 (featuring your humble correspondent).


December Friday the 4th - Wood Times, Rad Times. A backyard festival as excellent as it sounds. Some seriously great acts are playing, also me! Here's all the info:

December 12th at Saints and Sailors, Portarlington. First show in a three night regional tour with award-winning singer songwriter Christopher Coleman, fresh back from recording in Nashville. Portarlington! Tell your Portarlington friends. I just like writing the word. Info here:

December Thursday 17th at the Grace Darling on Smith St, Collingwood, supporting Christopher Coleman - launching his new single, which is excellent.

Here's the event info:


October Friday 16th at Some Velvet Morning with HASHEMOTO omg srsly go to this

CANCELLED... FOR NOW October Saturday 17th at BENDIGO PLANETARIUM with Hashemoto, which is, I reiterate, madness. So great. Tell your... Bendigo friends?

October Thursday 22nd at the Yarra Hotel with Joe Oppenheimer but largely just nailing songs for two hours, what's not to love


September Thursday 24th at Open Studio with (and I can't believe this, really,) Adam Cook who is amazing and Jane McArthur who is no less special

The Facebook event is here


August 8th at Thornbury Local with Jane McArthur (event)

August 14th at The Polish Club, Canberra, with Hashemoto (yaaaay) and Cracked Actor

(get in on time for that one, I'm on at 8.30!)

August 21st at Conduit Arts on Brunswick St, a special unplugged, unmic'd gig (my favourite) with Floyd Thursby

August 25th at Open Studio, Northcote with Burnt Letters and special guests (this is two days before my birthday so celebrations are in order) (event)

March 2015

Wednesday the 11th - Melbourne Folk Club is hosting a special Wait Long By The River, starring Jordie Lane! It's going to sell out so get tickets statum!

February 2015

Thursday the 5th - Supporting Melody Pool (who will herself have just finished a tour supporting the Eagles, whaaaaat) at the Post Office Hotel, Brunswick.

Thursday the 19th - Hosting Wait Long By The River, starring Mick Thomas of Weddings Parties Anything. As always, at the sterling Some Velvet Morning, Clifton Hill, and as always, free.

January 2015

Saturday the 10th - James Fahy and Hashemoto double bill at Some Velvet Morning! One of my favourite bands ever, playing at one of my favourite venues ever... with me. Excitement is unfeigned.

Saturday the 24th - Playing as James Fahy, earlyish in the day, at Captain's Flat Festival! It's a town a little south of Canberra, with the southern hemisphere's longest bar?

Saturday 31st - Supporting Timothy Nelson and the Infidels at the Butterfly Club... what a fantastic venue. Worth attending even if you don't want to see us play excellent music.


Thursday the 4th - Featured artist at Balaclava Hotel

Sunday the 14th - Some Velvet Morning with Zoe fox, 6pm



Thursday 25th - Lentil as Anything, Abbotsford, 6-9pm


24th-27th - Dragon Dreaming, Canberra ACT - I'll be helping Joe Oppenheimer run a stage at the festival as well as playing a set or two!


Thursday, 31st of July: Lentil as Anything, 6-8pm.


Sunday, 1st of June: GRACELAND! At the Scout Hall, Preston. This is a really excellent gig. I've been keen to play it ever since I came to Melbourne. Check out the info here

Thursday, 26th of June: Lentil as Anything, 6pm 'til 8pm, doing whatever takes my fancy! So much fun.

Sunday, 29th of June: Some Velvet Morning in Clifton Hill, with JOE OPPENHEIMER! Event here.

/¡See here for past shows!/


Thursday, 8th of May: At Lentil as Anything, Abbotsford.  From 6.30pm.

Tuesday, 14th of January: At Lentil as Anything, Abbotsford.

With extremely close compadre and dueter and master composer and also loop-genius, Joe Oppenheimer.  From 7pm.

Sunday 5th of January: At Lentil as Anything, Abbotsford.

With extremely close compadre and dueter and master composer and also loop-genius, Joe Oppenheimer, and some special guests of some sort. At lunch time, so probably 1pm, but don't take my word on that - check facebook or ring the convent or email me to check... So professional!



29th of December: At Some Velvet Morning, with Elisha Bones!


23rd and 24th of November: Strawberry Fields, in the Victorian Tablelands,

w/ Joe Oppenheimer and heaps of famous folks.

20th of November: Blender's Lane Art Markets w/ Joe Oppenheimer, 8pm

16th of November: Backyard Bacchanalia, with Doctor Stovepipe and Hayley Shone - Canberra!


Thursday 3rd of October:  At Some Velvet Morning, Clifton Hill. With good friend, extremely genuine poet of talent and also a doctor of entomology(!) Drew Walky. The event on FB is here:


Sunday 30th of June:  With JMS Harrison (of Charm fame) at the Empress, Nicholson St., Fitzroy North


Friday 31st of May: At the best venue in the world, Babushka's, in Ballarat

Sunday 12th of May: The Grace Darling, with Christopher Coleman Collective, Canary, Wishful, and Eric


Friday 19th of April: Some Velvet Morning - my favourite venue. I'm on 8 til 10, it's free, the sound is amazing, the vegetarian nachos are killer... I couldn't recommend it more highly. Here's the Facebook page


Sunday 24th of March: Local Gold! Somewhere on the north side, at 5pm. Free! Pretty exciting.




Saturday the 30th - 3pm 'til 7pm as part of the Front's birthday party playing collaborative gigs with lots of folks


Sunday the 1st - 3.30pm at the Polish Club, O'Connor, for the Instrument Amnesty Indigenous Music Program, with Son of Rut and a few others

Wednesday the 4th - the Front, supporting Hudson Arc (who have strings and fun stuff)

Friday the 13th - The Polish Club for the Local 'n' Live Launch! With so many excellent bands. Yessssss

Wednesday the 11th - the Front, supporting Nick Saxon

Sunday the 22nd - supporting Anna Smyrk (!) at the Front



12th of February @ The Phoenix, Canberra

for "Hey Dad, Can You Give Me A Lift To Josh's Otherwise It's Like Two Buses"

with fourteen other acts

14th of February @ ANU O-Week

Harris Hall Dinner & Teatro Vivaldi All-Star Jam

15th of February @ ANU

Univibes Jam 10am-2pm

16th of February @ Union Court, Canberra

with Joe Oppenheimer

26th of February @ CMC Backyard Bacchanalia, Downer

with lots of others


4th of March @ Red Herring, Canberra

5th of March @ Pocket Fox Moustachquerade Fundraiser, Lyneham

11th of March @ Red Herring, Canberra

12th of March @ Laneway Festival, Canberra

as MC and playing music, with MoR + Cracked Actor

13th & 14th of March @ Pyjamanalia Festival, Wee Jasper

16th of March @ Acoustic Soup, Co-op, Acton

as MC and music-man

17th of March @ Bang Bang Bang!, Downer

22nd of March @ Red Herring for Tour Launch One!

with Joe Oppenheimer, Luci Harrison, Cathy Petocz

25th of March @ Backyard, Downer

for Tour Launch Two! With the CMC and Rafe Morris

26th of March @ Harvest Festival, Canberra Art Gallery

with the Cashews and others

31st of March @ The Armidale Club

with Joe Oppenheimer and the Wildes


1st of April @ Walcha Art Gallery, Walcha

with Artists of Metal and Plastic

13th of April @ Lass O'Gowrie, Newcastle

20th of April @ Old Manly Boat Shed, Sydney

with Little King, Joe Oppenheimer

21st of April @ Clovelly Hotel, Clovelly Rd, Clovelly

with Joe Oppenheimer

22nd to the 25th of April @ Regrowth Festival, R.E.G.E.N. Bushland, Braidwood

with countless others


2nd of May @ Phoenix

with Joe Oppenheimer and others

4th of May @ Phoenix

with the Trio

18th of May @ Acoustic Soup, Acton

19th of May @ Transit {FasterLouder Photos and Review}

with Delta Riggs

21st of May @ Red Herring

21st of May (As well!) @ The Front

with Benjalu

22nd of May @ Phoenix

with Matt Collyer and the Company

26th of May @ The Food Co-op, Acton

for ReconciliACT

27th of May @ Transit

with Dub Dub Goose and A French Butler Called Smith

29th of May @ Front

with Pocket Fox



9th of June @ Babushka, Ballarat

with Mick Trembath and Joe Oppenheimer

16th of June @ The Grace Emily, Adelaide

19th of June @ La Mar Sundays, Glenelg

with the Firetree and Traveller & Fortune

24th of June @ Polish Club, O'Connor for the Pocket Fox EP Launch!

with Joe Oppenheimer, Pocket Fox, Beth Monzo, and Cathy Petocz

25th of June @ The Phoenix

with Dali's Angels


4th of July @ the Phoenix, Canberra

with Joe Oppenheimer and others for the final Cardboard Charlie Bootleg Sessions

6th of July @ the Phoenix, Canberra

for Oh Captain, My Captain, with Nozl, Monka, and the Pigram Brothers

9th of July @ The Collapsible Backyard Stage, Downer

with Joe Oppenheimer

16th of July @ The Front with Benjalu

23rd of July @ the Phoenix, Canberra {photos on}

with Catherine Traicos and the Starry Night

30th of July @ Deadbeat, Cielo's on King St., Newcastle

with art, drinks, and Novocastrian bands

including Gilbert Walker and Hannah Sunderland

5th of August @ Walcha Art Gallery

with Joe Oppenheimer

6th of August @ The Armidale Club

with Joe Oppenheimer

17th of August @ Acoustic Soup, The Co-Op, Canberra

with lots of soup and others

Melbourne Tour! facebook event here...

30th of August @ Collage, at the Espy, Melbourne

with Joe Oppenheimer and others

31st of August @ Open Studio, Northcote

with Joe Oppenheimer



1st of September @ Grumpy's Green, Fitzroy

with Joe Oppenheimer and others

2nd of September @ Chi Lounge, Melbourne City Central District Area/Chinatown

with Joe Oppenheimer and others

6th of September @ The Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick

with Joe Oppenheimer and others

7th of September @ Tago Mago, Thornbury

with Joe Oppenheimer and others

8th of September @ Babushka, Ballarat

with Joe Oppenheimer and others

28th of September - Acoustic Soup, ANU Food Co-op! 7.10pm

30th of September - 3rd of October @ Dragon Dreaming Festival



1st of October @ FROLIC! Festival, Sydney

6th of October @ Transit supporting the Bon Scotts

15th of October @ the Corinbank Garden Party! w/ Fun Machine

The Botanic Gardens, Canberra



4th of November - With the April Maze, @ the Front, Canberra

2012 2012 2012 2012 2012


Thursday the 12th - supporting Anna Smyrk at The Front

Friday the 13th - Illawarra Folk Festival!


Sunday the 15th - Illawarra Folk Festival!

Friday the 27th - Gabe Lynch album launch at The Front


Monday the 13th - Phoenix Bootlegs hosted by BMA, Canberra (nice poster )

Thursday the 16th - playing with Cathy Petocz at the SPP event Handwritten Live (Scissors Paper Pen guide)

Friday the 17th - supporting Adam Cousins on the amazing collapsible back verandah stage, Downer! FB Event

22nd, 23rd, and 24th - Adelaide FUSE Festival Showcase

Showcase time :WED 22nd: 11pm at the Exeter! Yessssss

Show info is here:


2nd, 3rd and 4th - Corinbank Festival, Canberra! (POSTPONED TIL NOVEMBER!)

Monday the 5th - Bootlegs at the Phoenix hosted by the CMC, Canberra

Saturday the 31st - Harvest Festival, Canberra Museum, 2pm!


Wednesday the 23rd - the Front, with Cam McCullen


Monday the 4th - the Phoenix, First Bootlegs of June! Hurrah.