What I'm doing and where you can hear recordings of it

James Fahy - fingerpicking eagle-voiced singer-songwriter, several recordings are available at bandcamp

Hi New Low - art-rock, TV on the Radio's backing band playing Bowie with a Tom Waits out front. The band plays the same set electric and acoustic. Demo at bandcamp

I play w/ Joe Oppenheimer - constantly reinventing his own style, master of deep song composition and improvisation. Some recordings at bandcamp

Shrug Addict - Experimental fun with creative limitation and a rotating cast of players. Only live to date, but recordings sitting around in the can.

Wait Long By The River - Half live at Some Velvet Morning, half recorded at my home studio, these are hour-long conversations with Melbourne & Canberra artists, musicians, theatre-makers, sculptors, comedians and so forth about the creative life - how they balance it with their 'normal' life' and what goes into their art. You can listen to them on your favourite podcast machine or here.

Authenticity Variety Hour - A series of 90 minute conversations with music and comedy at the Butterfly Club, interrogating the concept of authenticity. Records are... somewhere?

Radio Free Melbourne -  A 20ish minute headphone listen, the first episode of which I've been tinkering away at through August 2020. Original and found material that gave me a sense of hope and renewal coming out of the current sitch in Melbourne. Click below to listen, or download it here