Thursday the 4th – Featured artist at Balaclava Hotel

Sunday the 14th – Some Velvet Morning with Zoe fox, 6pm



Thursday 25th – Lentil as Anything, Abbotsford, 6-9pm


24th-27th – Dragon Dreaming, Canberra ACT – I’ll be helping Joe Oppenheimer run a stage at the festival as well as playing a set or two!

Thursday, 31st of July: Lentil as Anything, 6-8pm.


Sunday, 1st of June: GRACELAND! At the Scout Hall, Preston. This is a really excellent gig. I’ve been keen to play it ever since I came to Melbourne. Check out the info here

Thursday, 26th of June: Lentil as Anything, 6pm ’til 8pm, doing whatever takes my fancy! So much fun.

Sunday, 29th of June: Some Velvet Morning in Clifton Hill, with JOE OPPENHEIMER! Event here.

/¡See here for past shows!/



Thursday, 8th of May: At Lentil as Anything, Abbotsford.  From 6.30pm.

Tuesday, 14th of January: At Lentil as Anything, Abbotsford.
With extremely close compadre and dueter and master composer and also loop-genius, Joe Oppenheimer.  From 7pm.

Sunday 5th of January: At Lentil as Anything, Abbotsford.
With extremely close compadre and dueter and master composer and also loop-genius, Joe Oppenheimer, and some special guests of some sort. At lunch time, so probably 1pm, but don’t take my word on that – check facebook or ring the convent or email me to check… So professional!



29th of December: At Some Velvet Morning, with Elisha Bones!


23rd and 24th of November: Strawberry Fields, in the Victorian Tablelands,
w/ Joe Oppenheimer and heaps of famous folks.

20th of November: Blender’s Lane Art Markets w/ Joe Oppenheimer, 8pm

16th of November: Backyard Bacchanalia, with Doctor Stovepipe and Hayley Shone – Canberra!


Thursday 3rd of October:  At Some Velvet Morning, Clifton Hill. With good friend, extremely genuine poet of talent and also a doctor of entomology(!) Drew Walky. The event on FB is here:


Sunday 30th of June:  With JMS Harrison (of Charm fame) at the Empress, Nicholson St., Fitzroy North


Friday 31st of May: At the best venue in the world, Babushka’s, in Ballarat

Sunday 12th of May: The Grace Darling, with Christopher Coleman Collective, Canary, Wishful, and Eric


Friday 19th of April: Some Velvet Morning – my favourite venue. I’m on 8 til 10, it’s free, the sound is amazing, the vegetarian nachos are killer… I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Here’s the Facebook page


Sunday 24th of March: Local Gold! Somewhere on the north side, at 5pm. Free! Pretty exciting.





Saturday the 30th – 3pm ’til 7pm as part of the Front’s birthday party playing collaborative gigs with lots of folks


Sunday the 1st – 3.30pm at the Polish Club, O’Connor, for the Instrument Amnesty Indigenous Music Program, with Son of Rut and a few others

Wednesday the 4th – the Front, supporting Hudson Arc (who have strings and fun stuff)

Friday the 13th – The Polish Club for the Local ‘n’ Live Launch! With so many excellent bands. Yessssss

Wednesday the 11th – the Front, supporting Nick Saxon

Sunday the 22nd – supporting Anna Smyrk (!) at the Front



12th of February @ The Phoenix, Canberra
for “Hey Dad, Can You Give Me A Lift To Josh’s Otherwise It’s Like Two Buses”
with fourteen other acts

14th of February @ ANU O-Week
Harris Hall Dinner & Teatro Vivaldi All-Star Jam

15th of February @ ANU
Univibes Jam 10am-2pm

16th of February @ Union Court, Canberra
with Joe Oppenheimer

26th of February @ CMC Backyard Bacchanalia, Downer
with lots of others


4th of March @ Red Herring, Canberra

5th of March @ Pocket Fox Moustachquerade Fundraiser, Lyneham

11th of March @ Red Herring, Canberra

12th of March @ Laneway Festival, Canberra
as MC and playing music, with MoR + Cracked Actor

13th & 14th of March @ Pyjamanalia Festival, Wee Jasper

16th of March @ Acoustic Soup, Co-op, Acton
as MC and music-man

17th of March @ Bang Bang Bang!, Downer

22nd of March @ Red Herring for Tour Launch One!
with Joe Oppenheimer, Luci Harrison, Cathy Petocz

25th of March @ Backyard, Downer
for Tour Launch Two! With the CMC and Rafe Morris

26th of March @ Harvest Festival, Canberra Art Gallery
with the Cashews and others

31st of March @ The Armidale Club
with Joe Oppenheimer and the Wildes 


1st of April @ Walcha Art Gallery, Walcha
with Artists of Metal and Plastic

13th of April @ Lass O’Gowrie, Newcastle

20th of April @ Old Manly Boat Shed, Sydney
with Little King, Joe Oppenheimer

21st of April @ Clovelly Hotel, Clovelly Rd, Clovelly
with Joe Oppenheimer

22nd to the 25th of April @ Regrowth Festival, R.E.G.E.N. Bushland, Braidwood
with countless others


2nd of May @ Phoenix
with Joe Oppenheimer and others

4th of May @ Phoenix
with the Trio

18th of May @ Acoustic Soup, Acton

19th of May @ Transit {FasterLouder Photos and Review}
with Delta Riggs

21st of May @ Red Herring
21st of May (As well!) @ The Front
with Benjalu 

22nd of May @ Phoenix
with Matt Collyer and the Company

26th of May @ The Food Co-op, Acton
for ReconciliACT

27th of May @ Transit
with Dub Dub Goose and A French Butler Called Smith

29th of May @ Front
with Pocket Fox 


9th of June @ Babushka, Ballarat
with Mick Trembath and Joe Oppenheimer

16th of June @ The Grace Emily, Adelaide

19th of June @ La Mar Sundays, Glenelg
with the Firetree and Traveller & Fortune

24th of June @ Polish Club, O’Connor for the Pocket Fox EP Launch!
with Joe Oppenheimer, Pocket Fox, Beth Monzo, and Cathy Petocz

25th of June @ The Phoenix
with Dali’s Angels 


4th of July @ the Phoenix, Canberra
with Joe Oppenheimer and others for the final Cardboard Charlie Bootleg Sessions

6th of July @ the Phoenix, Canberra 
for Oh Captain, My Captain, with Nozl, Monka, and the Pigram Brothers

9th of July @ The Collapsible Backyard Stage, Downer
with Joe Oppenheimer

16th of July @ The Front with Benjalu

23rd of July @ the Phoenix, Canberra {photos on}
with Catherine Traicos and the Starry Night

30th of July @ Deadbeat, Cielo’s on King St., Newcastle 
with art, drinks, and Novocastrian bands
including Gilbert Walker and Hannah Sunderland

5th of August @ Walcha Art Gallery
with Joe Oppenheimer

6th of August @ The Armidale Club
with Joe Oppenheimer

17th of August @ Acoustic Soup, The Co-Op, Canberra
with lots of soup and others

Melbourne Tour! facebook event here…

30th of August @ Collage, at the Espy, Melbourne
with Joe Oppenheimer and others

31st of August @ Open Studio, Northcote
with Joe Oppenheimer



1st of September @ Grumpy’s Green, Fitzroy
with Joe Oppenheimer and others

2nd of September @ Chi Lounge, Melbourne City Central District Area/Chinatown
with Joe Oppenheimer and others

6th of September @ The Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick
with Joe Oppenheimer and others

7th of September @ Tago Mago, Thornbury
with Joe Oppenheimer and others

8th of September @ Babushka, Ballarat
with Joe Oppenheimer and others

28th of September – Acoustic Soup, ANU Food Co-op! 7.10pm

30th of September – 3rd of October @ Dragon Dreaming Festival


1st of October @ FROLIC! Festival, Sydney

6th of October @ Transit supporting the Bon Scotts

15th of October @ the Corinbank Garden Party! w/ Fun Machine
The Botanic Gardens, Canberra



4th of November – With the April Maze, @ the Front, Canberra

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Thursday the 12th – supporting Anna Smyrk at The Front

Friday the 13th – Illawarra Folk Festival!
Sunday the 15th – Illawarra Folk Festival!

Friday the 27th – Gabe Lynch album launch at The Front


Monday the 13th – Phoenix Bootlegs hosted by BMA, Canberra (nice poster )

Thursday the 16th – playing with Cathy Petocz at the SPP event Handwritten Live (Scissors Paper Pen guide)

Friday the 17th – supporting Adam Cousins on the amazing collapsible back verandah stage, Downer! FB Event

22nd, 23rd, and 24th – Adelaide FUSE Festival Showcase
Showcase time :WED 22nd: 11pm at the Exeter! Yessssss
Show info is here:


2nd, 3rd and 4th – Corinbank Festival, Canberra! (POSTPONED TIL NOVEMBER!)

Monday the 5th – Bootlegs at the Phoenix hosted by the CMC, Canberra

Saturday the 31st – Harvest Festival, Canberra Museum, 2pm!


Wednesday the 23rd – the Front, with Cam McCullen


Monday the 4th – the Phoenix, First Bootlegs of June! Hurrah.


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