upcoming shows

I have a new album out! The Habits EP.

You can hear it, and read all about the story of it, here: https://jamesfahy.bandcamp.com/album/habits-ep

Upcoming Shows

S a t u r d a y   1 3   M a y
James Fahy at Open Studio with Kev Walsh
Kev just came down from the Sydney folk scene and Open Studio is one my all-time favourite venues, warm and dark and intimate with lots of seating, delicious crepes and a sneaky out-back area full of plants

T h u r s d a y   1 8   M a y
James Fahy at Some Velvet Morning with Evan Buckley, the Burley Griffin
This venue is my spirit animal. I host my podcast there, and I’ve played more than a dozen shows at SVM since I first arrived in Melbourne. As soon as I booked it I reached out to Evan Buckley, the Burley Griffin, one of my favourite songwriters, and he said he’d drive down from Canberra for the weekend, which obviously is just excellent news


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