Lilley, I would fall
I would fall
I would fall down to the ground
just to see you around

To know, to no avail
to no avail
I chastened your trail
Tried to put myself where you’d run into me
this whole endeavour’s made to run right through me

When all’s said and
when all’s said and
all’s said and we’ve moved on,
I’d done nothing wrong

The trail was cold, the trail was cold
the trail was cold
before I began it was old, old news
I tried the things I’d learned
reading sherlock holmes
I threw that basset hound a bone
he took me the long way round
the long way round
the long way round

From not too far
I heard a car start
with a stifled moan
the blackguards stepped hard
on the dark tar, together
I was alone
I knew them
like a dream, I mean
I knew this was it
I drew into my coat and hoped
to hope and prayed to fate
I’d just fade
I looked up… and I was alone
I looked up
and I was home

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