James Fahy is an Australian musician playing his own folk compositions as well as art-political-pop in Hi New Low and doing his best to keep up with the ambitions of his longtime musical collaborator Joe Oppenheimer. He is also the host of live interview shows gRage, Wait Long By The River and the Authenticity Variety Hour.

Playing hundreds of shows has finessed his unique vocal style and intimate, emotional take on post-folk. Playing all manner of venues in his career has opened Fahy up to a world of performance: “When you play a street corner, a festival stage, a living room and a country pub in the same tour, the stage ends up being whatever ground is under your feet. The songs eliminate the distance between the performer and his audience, and then you’re free to interact and share your lives.”

Fahy’s performances combine the soulful vocals of Jeff Buckley with the mesmerising finger-style of Elliott Smith. The Sun Will Burn Through This Cloud (2012) was his first release, a five-track EP recorded at Glebe Studios with Dan Nash (Fun Machine, YA AHA, the Soldiers of Fortune). It reverberates with romance and regret; the songs are evocative, burning and soothing in equal measure. The songs on this record span the globe, written in a crowded attic during a Montreal winter and committed to tape in the bright Australian autumn. Elaborate counter-rhythms abound, riding his harmonic and complex finger-style. His new single Documentary recounts the struggle to keep a brother’s head above water in the uncertain world of the touring musician.

James Fahy found his feet in Canberra, before moving to Melbourne to capitalise on his successes at Illawarra Folk Festival, Summer Rhythms festival, Dragon Dreaming, Lizard Stick festival, and encore sets at the Woodford Chai Tent; and supports for The Beards, the Wildes, A French Butler Called Smith, Beth and Ben, Peter Combe, and Novocastrian touring veterans Benjalu. Artists and audiences alike have been swept up in Fahy’s collaborative and wholehearted career – the only real way to experience his music is to be there.


“Fahy’s music trickles into the heart and bursts like a solar flare.” – Adrian Threadgould

“Fahy effortlessly sweeps between soothing and aching; his voice weaves around the heart with thread finer than silk. Fahy has captured a real sense of beauty and hope that permeates and warms with that familiar closeness of friends. Five stars.” – BMA Magazine.

“Seeing Fahy perform is an entertaining experience. He’s witty at the right times, intense and passionate when he sings – he’s certainly one talented man.” – Gossme, Faster Louder (link)

“What happens when the James Fahy Trio is minus one member? Whatever you call it, it was magical… Fahy wrapped up with the inspirational, surprisingly up-lifting folk ditty, Throw Yourself (into the arms of your friends). Beautifully harmonised with Taylor’s vocals, it set a small fire in the hearts of the crowd.” – Delilah Jayne, Faster Louder (link)

“Instantly had the crowd captivated… Numbers, Forever is the perfect way for Fahy to show off the passion and power in his voice.” – Caramelove, Faster Louder (link)

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