Wait Long By The River…

I’m watching a poodle out the window of Some Velvet Morning… she keeps squirming to find a more comfortable spot to rest her head. Every time the elbow-pillow moves, the dog looks up at me as if to say, “on my deathbed I will reflect and only then will I realise it was the search for success that brought be true fulfilment. Success itself is a shiny bauble.”

Actually, the waitress went out and gave him a good, long scratch. Now he’s just blissed out.

I’m still only up to the bit where you fuss with elbows, but I’ve launched a new project, and there’s a touch of the waitress-scratch feeling left over from an extremely successful first night. Kayla and I moved here to Melbourne more than a year ago, and I just keep meeting people with extraordinary stories… so I’m going to try to get some of those stories out there in the world! With any luck they’ll compete with the glut of scripted, self-serving ‘revelation-as-marketing’ anecdotes that A-listers spruik around, and Australia will start to get a little bit of that magic that Americans have been getting from Marc Maron, Duncan Trussell, and co for the last five years.

The show’s called Wait Long By The River and I’m in this cafe waiting for web-genius Remy Coll, who’s going to help me get the website up and running. Shows are going to start going up this week, with any luck, so have a look at the link if you’re interested and let me know what you think on twitter, @LongByTheRiver, or on the Book of Faces.