Oliver Hayes is a genius.

So I know this guy Ollie Hayes, and he’s designed and created album covers and posters for Fun Machine and also Smoky Seas and I love not only his style but also him. I asked him to create something for me, and he asked me what my ideas were. I said I wanted something outside of my personal control, something from an outsiders point of view, to which he replied: “You’ve gotta give me something!” So I asked for autumnal, as that’s a palette of which I’m never going to tire. Then I asked for neon, to make this difficult for him and to contradict myself a little.

Moral of the story is, Ollie nailed it. Here it is in in a ridiculously detailed format so that you can zoom right in and see the fantastic details like the textured paper and the swishy colours.

If you want to steal some of his talent for yourself, drop me an email at james m fahy @ gmail dot com and I’ll hook you up!

PS. The show is going to be really special. There’s a facebook group here.
Ollie is super excellentJF Poster