New shows coming up & Tom Stayner

Two new shows in the upcoming shows list, which is pretty great because I was worried for a week there; the first week in years where I haven’t had a gig in the immediate future. finding that feeling not to my liking, I obtained a pair of music opportunities:


On Wednesday the 23rd I’m going to play at the Front, which is currently populated with the exceptional art of Paul Summerfield. He’s an exceptionally nice guy, an adorable family fellow and such an artist. Had I the some ready cash (dream on, I know) I’d be knee deep in Summerfields right now. Just you see if I wouldn’t. I’ll be playing with Cameron McLennan, who’s an ex-Melbournian who unexodised himself and plays acoustic music that I am unfamiliar with. It’ll be a learning experience for us all!

The Facebook event is there –> 


Monday the 4th – the Phoenix, First Bootlegs of June! Hurrah. I absolutely love playing the Phoenix.

To close, here’s a poem I wrote to Tom Stayner of Housing Co-op* fame today on my phone:

“Tom: Don’t think of an elephant.
Me: Done
wxyz fm all the best from the 80s, 90s and the persistent illusion
that time exists at discrete moments rather than
all at once which is what’s
actually going on. Now,
all the songs we will
and have ever played.
You Listen To wxyz
Tom: Holy shit that’s great
Me: Is was and al Hasbeen,
once the pride of the Egyptian World Cup squad
before a brief and ill-starred
political moment. He endorsed a candidate
and votes flooded in
from a populace that basically thought al Hasbeen
hung the moon and
made it shine, but the shine he took to
said candidate’s daughter
ended pelagically for the folk hero.
More on this story always on wxyz fm news.”

*the housing co-op is the realisation of a dream brought over by Leah Ginnivan from sweet Berkeley, and at the helm as it
found its perfect berth was the indomitable Tom Stayner, one of those people you know and admire for who they are, not
what they do, even though they then insist on doing excellent stuff like the housing co-op, probably as a function of
being who they are. You know the ones.

The Tom Stayner, at the You Are Here Newsroom after dark